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  • George Reichert


    Kathleen is the coach whisperer. Kathleen encourages her students to open their eyes, expand their horizons and unleash their inner coach. I attended a cohort that included a judge/lawyer, an OBGYN, a University Professor, a high tech change leader, an entrepreneur and a Chief Information Officer…quite a diverse and intellectual group. Kathleen created the space that allowed us to grow as coaches and as human beings, all in 3 long weekends. I am a better leader, husband and friend because of what I learned and experienced at RCA. I look forward to coaching others and if I can provide even a bit of the inspiration that Kathleen has provided me, I will be more than happy.

  • Tim Johnson


    Kathleen is an amazing facilitator and she’s created a curriculum at Raleigh Coaching Academy that is top notch! She has the ability to create a space that allows for transformation and that is no easy task, specifically when dealing with the dynamics of a small group. If you are interested in becoming a coach, or are in need of coaching, Kathleen should be on the short list of people to consider working with!

  • Heather Eck


    I’m not sure it’s possible to love someone more than I love Kathleen and the Raleigh Coaching Academy. From the very first phone call to learn more about the program until this very moment, Kathleen has made me feel like anything is possible. Kathleen is like a symphony conductor gently directing all of the students in her class into perfect harmony with both the ICF core competencies and the authentic heart of a masters level coach training. This is a special program for individuals who are open to exploring deep, personal transformation and learning the powerful and life changing abilities of a skilled coach. I cannot fully express the tremendous gratitude I have for having found RCA and Kathleen. They have both been a gentle, healing balm for my soul’s journey and my professional work. Kathleen is truly a gifted teacher and coach. If you’re feeling called to become a coach, Kathleen is the answer.

  • Zebrina Warner, MBA


    There are few people in this world who are able to create an environment that brings about such a tremendous personal transformation not only in me, but for my cohort as a whole. Kathleen’s presence and passion for bringing out the best in humanity is obvious in all that she does and says. I treasure the experience I had in the RCA Dawson Cohort, because it was absolutely life changing. She has inspired me to inspire others!

  • Michelle Woods


    Completing the Raleigh Coaching Academy course work has been one of the most transformative events of my life and it is largely due to the facilitation and guidance of Kathleen O’Grady. Her team of Certified Authentic Leadership Coaches fostered a culture of shared trust, love, and acceptance. She is committed to seeing the world changed, and if you let her, she will lead you on the same journey.

  • Nicole Olivieri-Schupp


    As an experienced Leadership and Professional Development professional, I had been looking for answers to some deep questions concerning leadership in the corporate arena. Specifically, why there is so much disengagement in the work place (as many studies have highlighted) when there is more focus, energy and training on developing leaders than ever before? I think the answer to that question lies in Kathleen’s coaching model – that our development efforts are focused on the goal and not on the soul. The Raleigh Coaching Academy, under Kathleen’s loving leadership, gives us the permission to be human and therefore, vulnerable, in the workplace. Her program teaches coaching from the heart and helps us to become creators rather than victims in life. If you are a seasoned coach or looking to take your career in this direction, look no further than the Raleigh Coaching Academy. The program is ICF certified and I believe, one of the best Coaching certification programs in the world.

  • Keith Crowder


    RCA and Kathleen far exceeded my expectations. I came into the program not knowing what to expect but by the conclusion I was blown away by the curriculum and delivery. Kathleen and her associates create a safe space where each student can learn and grow at their own pace. This program changed me immensely and will remain at the center of my personal and business growth plan for the rest of my life. Kathleen’s ability to deliver the material at such a high emotional intelligence level is nothing short of amazing. If you are looking for a life changing coaching program, look no further, you found it.

  • Dina Maloney


    My experience as a participant in the RCA Authentic Leadership Training Program has been invaluable, both personally and professionally. To enhance the education process you are provided with numerous opportunities to engage in developing personal self-awareness, which is crucial to being an effective coach. I learned so much about myself, what is necessary to best serve my clients and how to offer my services at the highest level of consciousness. Kathleen provides a safe, nurturing and inspiring environment and her insight, experience and passion are “icing on the cake”! There are other certification programs available, but none provide the level of connectedness that you receive at RCA. Finally, one of the most important points is that Kathleen and her faculty walk the talk; they represent all of the concepts, characteristics and traits they teach that are paramount to effective leadership and coaching!

  • Jason Roncoroni, MBA


    The best coaching and leadership development experience of my life. I was already a certified coach through iPEC, and I had already launched my own business. I had a lot of doubt and was completely unsure of how to grow my practice so that I could truly transform the lives of my clients. Fortunately, I got connected with Kathleen and the Raleigh Coaching Academy (RCA). After my first day of instruction, I realized that RCA was just at a different level. Over the three months of the program, the personal and professional growth I experienced through RCA was life altering. RCA incorporates references and resources that truly expand your knowledge and understanding of how to be your most impactful coach. RCA is personalized, focused, and remarkably insightful. In three months, I got more than I did through any other coaching or leadership development program. Furthermore, I was truly impressed by the facilitation and peer to peer coach training. The focused and timely feedback was both challenging and constructive. Kathleen's facilitation of group coaching and instruction was extremely thought provoking. I step off into the entrepreneurial world with the confidence to create my future and transform the community of veterans that I seek to support. If you are looking for the competencies to inspire your workforce, lead with passion, or create a new enterprise, the journey for what you truly seek begins with RCA.

  • Mildred Edwards, PhD


    Kathleen O'Grady and the Raleigh Coaching Academy helped me to create the life of my dreams. After many years of checking boxes and climbing ladders, I was fortunate enough to not only gain the skills needed to pursue my new career, I experienced a life change that was totally unexpected. Through Kathleen's coaching curriculum, her training format, personal approach, and the team she has developed, I learned more about myself and my gifts than I could have ever imagined. Her authentic inside/out approach to developing coaches is a tremendous gift to the profession.

  • Jill Ripper


    Raleigh Coaching Academy was a life-changing experience for me. Kathleen has a very unique and special gift for identifying talent in others and bringing those talents to the surface even if we are kicking and screaming the entire way 😄 No doubt I was a stubborn student but she still got me where I needed to be and frankly, I probably still haven’t realized how much I’ve grown personally and professionally from this experience. I am honored to be an alumni of RCA and even more privileged to call Kathleen a friend and colleague. To say she’s amazing is an understatement. I’m blessed beyond measure to have her in my tribe and to have RCA as a support system. I highly recommend anyone who is contemplating life coaching as a career to contact RCA. It’s a tough program so be ready to work hard but the outcome is extraordinary and worth every minute!

  • Claire Jefferies


    I completed coursework to become a Certified Authentic Leadership Coach through Raleigh Coaching Academy's incredible coach training program. The experience has transformed me from the inside out and completely changed how I see myself and interact with the world. Kathleen has created a coach training program that is truly ground-breaking, and she and the RCA faculty lovingly encourage participants to face the internal voices that hold us back from reaching our full potential - and act as our biggest cheerleaders when we come back stronger on the other side. Kathleen, thank you for loving people for a living. You turned me up a notch, and it feels amazing to move joyfully and authentically through the world again. The work you're doing is game changing. Please don't ever stop! I hope that everyone gets the chance to experience your miracles.

  • Betsy Walton, DVM


    Authentic Transformation! I went into this coaching program as one person and came out another! This program is truly from the heart and the passion of Kathleen O'Grady at Raleigh Coaching Academy. Through this program, I found my peace, my heart, and my Spirit again which had been lost for many years at the expense of my mind and its ego. I now fully understand the messages and the miracles our Creator provides. As an authentic leadership coach, I look forward to supporting others with their transformations!

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  • Anna Young


    Let’s be clear. I am HONORED to be writing a recommendation for Kathleen O’Grady. I have had the good fortune of knowing her on many levels. Teacher, mentor, client, and friend, because you can’t know Kathleen without falling in love with her. As a student at Raleigh Coaching Academy, I witnessed this woman’s love, light, knowledge, and experience transform a room of humans who had different beliefs, backgrounds, reasons for being there, personalities, and stories over the course of the three month training. It wasn’t as though we were broken, on the contrary, but Kathleen’s gift for creating an intimate, trusting space allowed us to experience our training and our work through our own vulnerability, positioning us to experience exactly what our clients may go through as we work with them. Kathleen’s dedication to uplifting and empowering the lives of her students, clients, mentees even in her down time, when they are in need, I can compare only to the sacrifice we make for family. As someone who has worked with her on a project on the business side of Raleigh Coaching/Raleigh Coaching Academy, Kathleen has been so much fun (& funny) to work with, even when we hit some challenges. She is highly creative, intentional, and I’ve had the good fortune to watch her push through her personal barriers as we’ve collaborated in order to manifest the most authentic product, which allowed me to see that even she has vulnerability. From the standpoint of seeing Kathleen in many different lights…and hats, I highly recommend her whether as a Coach, a mentor, or if you are in search of a Coach training program because Kathleen is ridiculously knowledgeable, and she lives her motto of authenticity.

  • Chris Hendricks


    Kathleen deserves praise far beyond those suited simply for acts of service and experts in their field. She is a mentor who breaks down barriers of communication with the sort of intellectual kindness found only in the true movers and shakers of our universe. She facilitates comfort by allowing new coaches to explore the power found within their own vulnerability. It is only by being vulnerable ourselves that we earn the right to create a safe environment for our clients to be vulnerable. This, to me, is what separates Kathleen and her program from others out there. Raleigh Coaching Academy has brought love back to the field of coaching and yet almost re-defines love for a modern world. There is a drive towards the emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual value of students. It feels like a covenant is made between faculty member and student, in which one sees true value in the other from the start. You are genuinely loved as both a coach and a client and therefore feel comfortable expressing your own personal brand of love. It is within this covenant that true authenticity appears. In a world where “reality” television and plastic promises dominate the social norm, Kathleen’s contagious authenticity is not simply a declaration of war against this reality but a plea for peace. Students and faculty embrace RCA as a new home where vulnerability and learning water the seeds of creativity in order to create a new reality. Students complete the program with not only the ability to coach but with a new sense of who they truly are. It was told to me that a good metaphor for RCA is a hammock. In closing, I’d like to offer an alternative. If you’re interested in coaching as a profession, Kathleen and her faculty offer more than a place of rest and learning but an opportunity for transformation. I see RCA as a cocoon. I came into the program with not only uncertainty regarding the profession but with a false sense of self. It was only though Kathleen’s program that I could re-emerge not only a coach but a person who sees the values in others and himself. Sometimes life has a way of clipping your wings. RCA gives them back to you with the humble request you use this new found knowledge to teach others how to fly.

  • Vahbiz Shroff, PhD


    Kathleen is truly the answer to my prayers! I had been praying and looking for someone who could help me connect with my true, authentic self. Since the day we met, we had a divine connection and I knew she would be my coach for life! I am fortunate to have trained under Kathleen and the incredible coaches at RCA. I’m proud to call myself a graduate of RCA. The training has changed me as a person altogether. I have come a long way in just one year! Thanks to Kathleen and her coaching model that she implements at RCA I’ve been able to look at life with a new perspective. I’m excited to be able to help others around me do the same. I look forward to a continued association with RCA and all my fellow coaches.

  • Valerie Correale


    Kathleen exudes contagious passion in everything she says and does. She is a true catalyst for others to want to learn from her how to lead their best life, inspiring change seemingly without trying. Raleigh Coaching Academy is beyond what I ever could've expected; it is a wonderful cultivation of all the aforementioned qualities Kathleen possesses, in a way that makes it feasible for students to walk away with a sense of real progress and growth. I have never been part of a program that both teaches you to look deep within and discover yourself in a way that can never be tangible, but also provides the tangible tools needed to act on the person you've become throughout the program - because you WILL be someone different at the end! The way Kathleen runs RCA is unlike any other training or workshop in that you truly feel like a family and will not want to ever lose sight of the relationships built. Kathleen helps her students feel proud, encouraged, supported, and safe. The skills learned and traits discovered are applicable far beyond coaching others - they are applicable in all areas of life. I'm so grateful I chose to embark on my own RCA journey, and know that anyone else able to experience Kathleen's and RCA's wonder will be so happy they did!

  • Regina Bartolone, PhD


    I am a graduate of Raleigh Coaching Academy (RCA) and I can’t say enough amazing things about the program. Kathleen and her very talented and experienced team of instructors not only skillfully teach coaching content, but they teach it from their hearts. This level of personal investment in their students is one of the things that sets this program apart from others. RCA teaches beyond helping clients set and achieve goals. We learned to coach clients holistically and developmentally. Kathleen and her team are doing good in the world and training her students to do the same.